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The Week Magazine


Looking for a gift for a special young person this Christmas? Encourage a love of reading with The Week Junior – a fun, fact-filled magazine for 8–14-year-olds. Every issue is packed with fascinating news and engaging information to feed curious young minds and help children make sense of the world.

Gift subscriptions start from just £24.99 and include a copy of our brand new puzzle book, Quizzler, to give on the big day. Their first issue will arrive in January, and weekly thereafter to put a smile on their face each week.  

Be sure to claim by 11th December to receive a Quizzler and Christmas gift card in time for Christmas Day.
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Jewellery by Nicola

Handmade Personalised Jewellery. Memorable moments jewellery including handprint, breastmilk and memorial work. I work in silver and gold, handmade-glass and resin.

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Katherine Cromwell

Katherine creates bespoke Pet Portraits in Pastel, Acrylic, Ink and Polymer-clay. Each portrait is an entirely individual piece, capturing the very essence of the pet’s character and personality. Her work is appreciated nationally and internationally, with clients as far afield as the USA and Australia.




Phone: 01202 722040

Times to Treasure

Beautiful, bespoke silver fingerprint, hand and footprint and artwork jewellery.

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Wesley & George

Playful toys and décor that spark creativity